What to expect?
The goal of a cosmetic tattoo is to create a realistic enhancement of facial features with natural tones that complement the individual's complexion.
Every cosmetic lip tattoo will begin with a consultation with your provider to determine shape and shade. The lips will then be cleansed, numbed, and the area to be tattooed will be marked. Once the procedure is complete, lips will be swollen and may appear darker than expected however this is natural and both size and color will fade during the healing process.
Immediate and after treatment
--Lip will be swollen
-Colour may appear darker than expected by will fade
-Avoid alcohol, messy food and lip stick
-Scabs will form and naturally fall off
Result note
-Long lasting but not permanent
Touch up session will be necessary to maintain results
-Common to have up to 3 procedures to achieve desires results
Treatment Duration: 120 mins
Average Recovery:   1 week
Type of Treatment:     Injected 
Cost:                    $299
Permanence           Temporary
Treatment address
-Enriching the colour of the lips themselves to a richer shade
-improved refinement and definition of the vermillion border of the lip.
Before treatment
-Take anti viral medication one week prior
-Avoid alcohol for 1 day
-Hydrate your lip one week prior

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