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Elleebana Brow and Lash Lifting

Do you have to curl them in the morning with mascara to give your eyes a natural look? Well, we have good news for you. It is time to keep that mascara curler aside and opt for the lash lifting treatment.

Lash lifting or lash lifts is a new treatment undergone by several ladies to obtain natural eyelashes with the help of chemically created curls. It is a cosmetic enhancement thus helping add more volume and definition to your natural lashes.


During the procedure, only the top lashes are curled. To safeguard the bottom lashes, a protective barrier is used. It is placed at the waterline of the bottom lashes. It is done to ensure no bottom lashes get curled by accident. The area is then cleaned taking out dirt, oil or makeup that could hamper the process.

With the help of a gel roller applied, eyelash glue will be put onto your lids. The roller/ curler size determines the curliness of the lashes. After the roller is in place, glue is applied to the lashes to make them stick to the roller in an even layer. Here uniformity is required to get the perfect curling. Post this, the lashes will have a solution applied onto them just above the root. It will be kept for 10- 15minutes after which it will be removed and replaced by a neutralizing solution for another 10-15 minutes.

The area shall be cleaned. Finally, the last step is the application of a keratin based strengthening solution which is carried out to the newly curled lashes. It is a non-surgical process done by a beauty therapist who have received special training for it.

Note that this is not the same as eyelash extension. 

Lash lifts are more defined and realistic in comparison to lash extensions. These newbies provide a vibrant look to your eyes.

What is lash lifting treatment?
Who is required to do this treatment?

It is mostly only the ladies who get this treatment done. Those who have sparse eyelashes, this is an exceptionally good option for them.

Also, those ladies who are unhappy with their natural lashes or those who need to apply tons of mascara for doing shows or performances, this works best. It gives them strong semi-permanent curled lashes from base to tip more like an enhanced mascara style, thus saving them from embarrassment and time.

How long will the treatment take?

The treatment takes an hour.  We might need to apply a patch test for 48 hours prior to the appointment to test the reactions of the solutions that will be used during the treatment for people with sensitive skin.

Pros and Cons of the treatment The Pros of this treatment are:

▪ It is a non-surgical procedure

▪ Adds more definition

▪ Looks realistic

▪ Can use mascara over the new lashes for more definition

 ▪ Provides thicker, darker, longer lashes

▪ Low maintenance procedure 

▪ Suitable for everyone

The Cons of this treatment are:

▪ It is a semi-permanent procedure

▪ Uses chemical solutions causing irritation for some

▪ Cannot use waterproof mascara which causes lash breakage.

Follow up post treatment

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, this does not need a follow up. You can call us to let us know if you have an issue after the treatment. But that will not be necessary since it is done in a single sitting.

Results are seen immediately. This treatment lasts for 4- 6weeks. It is a budget friendly treatment and does not need any kind of high maintenance. No touch ups are required, although you can repeat the treatment after 6weeks-2months.

Pre and post home care

Pre home care includes

• Not using eyelash curler for at least 24hours prior to the procedure.

• Avoid wearing eye makeup or contact lenses before your appointment.

Post home care includes

• Avoid wetting the treated area for 24hours.

• You MUST avoid eye makeup and eyelash curler for 24hours.

• Do not touch directly with your fingers.

• Advised to avoid sleeping roughly on your newly done lashes.

• Do not rub your eyes in case it itches.

• No sweating or heavy exercise.

• Follow these home care tips for at least 1-2 days after treatment.

48 hours post treatment.

We will advise you to brush out your lashes in the morning and evening with a lash serum or with coconut oil. It is good and needs to be done to keep those permed lashes curled.

Once you start using mascara, make sure it is not waterproof. If you use a waterproof one, it will dry out the newly done lashes thus leading to breakage.

Can this treatment be performed for all lash lengths and colours?

They can work on any length of lashes. Usually advise people who have done eye surgery or who are pregnant not to undergo this treatment due to the usage of chemicals.


However, lash lifts are NOT for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Are there any risks involved with it and is it painful?

If you take proper precautions before you can start this procedure, there is absolutely no risks. Overall, there are no risks involved with this treatment. Post treatment one may feel temporary and mild eye irritation because of the chemicals used, but that wears off shortly. 


An allergic reaction may arise if the client has a history of skin or eye conditions like eye infections, sensitivities, styes, dry eyes, watery eyes, or eye allergies.

Besides that, there are no major side effects. If by any chance you experience any symptoms that may be a cause for concern, then to contact us but it’s very rare. 


When it comes to the pain factor, this is painless treatment.

 Q : Does lash lift safe to do?

It is very safe and should be done by a certified cosmetologist under hygienic

Q :  Can i have this treatment if i have lash extension?

Not recommend having lash lifts when you have lash extension. If you have your lash extension prior need to be removed 2 weeks before your appointment. 

Frequent question and answers

 Q : How long is the duration of this procedure?

The duration of this procedure lasts for 45-60minutes.

Q :  Is it painful?

This is a very painless procedure with some minor redness and swelling.

Q :  Can I use mascara post treatment?

You cannot use any eye makeup including mascara for at least 24hours post treatment. This is to let the treatment sit in and work effectively.

Applying mascara could hamper the process and waste your money and time thus allowing the treatment to be a complete failure or maybe even cause side effects or reactions.

Q :  Can I get it done if I already have full lashes?

Usually, people do it when they have brittle or sparse lashes but that doesn’t mean if you have fuller lashes you cannot undergo it. Its personal choice and if you are not happy with them, this is the perfect treatment for you.