Treatment Duration:  60 mins
Average Recovery :   a fews hours
Type of Treatment:   Medical abrasion
Cost :                    $99 /session
Permanence           Temporary
Treatment address concerns
-Uneven skin tone and texture
-Congested skin
-Improve appearance of fine lines

What to expect?

The goal of a Hydradermabrasion is to improve the appearance of over all facial skin complexion.  

Hydradermabration combines cleansing, extracting effective exfoliating treatment that nourishes and hydrates.
Skin preparation for facial treatment including deep cleanse, exfoliate and extraction.
Hydradermabrasion is using combination of vortex cleansing and diamond tip microdermabrasion procedures which gently cleanses the skin and effectively exfoliates the stratum corneum layer removing dead skin cells and sebum. Remove blackheads and other impurities.
This allows the skin to reflect more light and appear brighter/healthier. Hydration mask applied afterwards under the LED Light Therapy for 15 mins  to reduce skin inflammation and increase hydration of the skin. 
Immediate and after treatment
- Minimal redness
-Avoid direct sun light.
-Resume to regular skin care routine but avoid AHA and strong acid 72 hours
-Avoid stimulus activity for24 hours 
Result note 
To ensure you continually benefit from your selected facial treatment, we highly recommend you to return for treatment every 4 - 8 weeks. Duration between treatment longer than this period can curtail the anticipated results.
Before treatment
-Discontinue use of AHA , other strong acid for 5 days. 
-Avoid exfoliating treatment for 48 hours prior.

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