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LED Light Therpay And Claytox Mask

LED, also called light emitting diode therapy, is a high-tech treatment used for skincare helping regenerate the skin and solve ageing and acne problems. 


It makes use of red and blue light. Red is used for anti-ageing while blue is to treat acne.

The Claytox mask is a natural detoxifying clay mask powerful enough to give you glowing complexion and clear all your imperfections.

What is LED Light therapy and Claytox Mask?

LED Light therapy makes use of varying wavelengths of light that help repair skin damages. Your cosmetologist will make use of either red or blue light depending on the skin issue you have. They do not contain ultra-violet rays, making it safe to use.

The receptors in the skin absorb light penetrating into it at different depths thus allowing stimulation Red is used for anti-ageing issues while blue is used for acne treatment. The wavelengths/frequencies used from this light are different. They get absorbed directly into the skin.


RED LIGHT reduces redness, inflammation, shrink pores, repairs skin, improves blood circulation, mends sun damage. It helps skin cells on the outer layer (epidermis) to absorb it ensuring right collagen production helpful in skin healing.

BLUE LIGHT treats acne, kills bacteria causing acne, reduces oil production, acne scars, prevents breakouts. It is used to help oil glands produce less oil thus improving acne situations from within the skin.

Who is required to do this treatment?

This treatment is worth undergoing for those having skin concerns but had failed results from usage of different skin products.

It was previously used for healing wounds and regeneration of damaged tissues. With increased use in aesthetics today, it is used for increasing collagen and tissues. Those who want to wipe out age spots, wrinkles and acne must get it done. It helps smoothens their skin decreasing damage appearance.

It is usually done on the face but can be carried out on other body parts like neck, legs, chest. LED light can be used anywhere but mostly the face since it is the most exposed part unlike other areas.


Claytox masks are used by those who want the following for their skin:

✓ Detoxification ✓ Refreshment ✓ Revitalization ✓ Brightness

✓ Purification

✓ Firmness

✓ Remove impurities. ✓ Take out excess oil

It is perfect for the T-zone (nose, chin, and forehead) as these get clogged easily and are prone to breakouts.

How long will it take?

Procedure takes 60 mins, depending on the area being treated

The procedure is carried out by lying down under the lights directly. Some prefer waving LED light wands over areas needing treatment. It depends on places that need treatment and on the aesthetician.

You can use LED wands or masks and do it yourself at home. You will need to apply it to the area for a couple of minutes. Make sure to follow instructions carefully.

Claytox masks come in different styles. They are 100% naturally organic made from ingredients found in nature like sea clay, activated charcoal, jojoba, cacao powder, white clay. These masks help to refresh and revitalize the skin, detoxify,


brighten, purifies, makes it firm, absorbs impurities removing excess oil from the skin.

They are good for exfoliation and skin hydration.

Follow up post treatment

Claytox can be use at home once a week for maintained the effect. The follow up treatment can be done 4 weeks onwards. 

Hence you need to go for follow ups as it can make a big difference and improve your skin over a period. These shall help contribute to achieving better results.

Pros and Cons

Pros of this treatment are :

▪ Prevents further acne breakouts 

▪ Reduces inflammation

▪ Promotes circulation

▪ Stimulates production of collagen 

▪ Brightens skin

Cons of this treatment are :

▪ Results depend on skin reactions

▪ Not advisable for those having skin conditions or who are on certain


▪ Not advisable for those having lupus or have other laser treatments done

Pre and post home care

Pre home care

Keep your skin clean with a gentle cleanser to keep skin irritation away.

Post home care

No recovery time is needed. You can continue your daily activities normally.

Just limit the amount of sunlight falling directly onto your skin.

It is deemed safe due to no usage of UV rays by the lights thus not causing any kind of long-term damage to your skin. Although it may be invasive, it does have its own set of risks.

Red and blue light are both pain free and do not burn your skin. If you are skin sensitive, it is advisable not to do it as it can cause scarring, allowing your skin’s sensitivity to heighten towards sunlight. Avoid if you have active rash or psoriasis.


There could be possible risks involved if you take medications like Accutane or are having skin rashes. There are no major side effects, but inflammation, redness or rashes can develop post treatment. Call your doctor if you experience pain or develop hives but these are rare.

Claytox masks are free from preservatives and parabens. They pose no risks since they are 100% organic, natural, vegan friendly.

Application of these masks is not painful, and neither is the removal.

Frequent question and answers

 Q : Does LED light therapy hurt?

No, this is a completely non-invasive treatment and does not hurt.

Q :  Can you get a tan from this treatment?

Since there is no usage of UV rays, there is no chance of tanning.

Q :  I have fair skin. Can I use Claytox mask?

That does not matter. Different masks suit different skin types. So, make sure to choose the right one for yours.

Q :  How long should I keep the mask on for?

You need to keep the mask on for at least for 15-20minutes for best results. Wash it off with normal water or wipe when time is up. Do it just 1-2times a week