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Cosmetic lip tattoo

Also known as lip blushing, this cosmetic procedure is a semi-permanent

technique. It also called lip tattooing; however, it is not actually making a tattoo

art, but it is rather an enhancement cosmetic procedure done on the lips.

What is Cosmetic lip tattoo?

Cosmetic lip tattoo is a procedure wherein small needles are used to deposit

natural looking pigments onto your lips by a method called pixelating thus

enhancing its shape and colour. It is done in layers to get the perfect tone as per

your approval.

It helps in creating a more appealing look giving you younger looking lips. The

most important point to be cleared is that cosmetic lip tattooing is not done to

add volume to your lips but to enhance it. This treatment also helps to:

• Give your lips a proper shape.

• Add colour to it.

• Lighten dark lips.

• Helps make your lip line look more vivid.

• Takes away uneven spots and vitiligo on the lips.

You may want your lips to have the colour exactly like your favorited lipstick shade.

But we suggest that subtle is good as it keeps it natural looking, just close

enough to the colour of your lips making it seem real.

Who is required to do this treatment?

You need to understand that this treatment is not for getting fuller lips (a lip job)

but to just change the appearance of your lips. Those who want better looking,

defined and coloured lips need to undergo the cosmetic lip tattoo procedure.

Mostly, the audience is ladies as they tend to lose colour while ageing.

How long will the treatment take?

The entire treatment lasts between 1-3hours. After day or two, your lips will start

peeling. It is natural and you should avoid picking or pulling the scabs as that can

cause scarring or bleeding. The healing process lasts for 10 days and you start

seeing results within 2weeks. You shall achieve full results in 2 months. But it will

last you for 1-2 years after which it will start to fade, thus making come back for

touch-ups every 12- 24 months.

Pros and Cons of the treatment

The Pros of this treatment are:

• Helps improve overall appearance of your lips.

• It lasts for 1-2 year which is good time post treatment.

• No heavy-duty surgery is used.

The Cons of this treatment are:

• It is semi-permanent making you undergo the treatment every few years to

get real results.

• Touch-ups are required after the treatment, especially when the colour

starts to fade.

Follow up post treatment

Follow up appointment will be made 6-8 weeks after your initial treatment for a touch up session.

Pre and post home care

Before your treatment, ensure that your lips are free from blisters or any cracked

skin. It is important for your lips to heal post treatment. This is just like getting a

tattoo. You can use ice to reduce minor redness or swelling. Allow your lips to be

exposed to the natural air too, avoiding harsh sun rays. Applying

Vaseline/petroleum jelly is a good option for protecting it and helping it remain


Post treatment care is compulsory as without it, there are chances of developing

infections. Avoid sun exposure and exfoliating your lips. Also smoking could

worsen it making the pigment fade away quickly. Another thing you must avoid

until your lips heal are heavy workouts, sweating around your lips and excessive

exercising. Doctors even recommend not to apply lipstick, getting the lips wet or

even consuming spicy food. It is also recommended to avoid kissing for a week.

Can this treatment be performed for all lip types and colours?

Lip tattooing is done for those who want the symmetry and tone of their lips

changed. Do not worry if you see your lips getting darker but it is just a part of the healing


If you have gotten a Botox lip filler done, you can still undergo this treatment.

However, you will be asked to keep a gap of at least four weeks before you can go

under the needles.

Are there any risks involved with it and is it painful?

At the beginning of the procedure, a numbing cream is used on the lips to avoid

further discomfort or pain. However, some may feel/not feel any pain at all. It

highly depends on the individual. You can take a painkiller prior to the procedure

but under medical supervision. Avoid Vitamin E, fish oils or garlic as these can

increase bruising or bleeding.

Just like tattooing, a cosmetic lip tattoo has its side effects and risks. There are

minor side effects like redness, swelling and pain but these will heal quickly over

time. Major side effects include rashes, scarring, uneven coloration, itching,

bumps on the skin and blood-borne diseases developed from shared equipment.

Post treatment care is a must to avoid infections. You need to call your

practitioner if you are experiencing fever, too much swelling, extreme pain or any

form of pus oozing out from your lips.

Frequent question and answers

FAQ 1 How long does it last?

One to two years.

FAQ 2 Does it hurt?

---At the beginning of the procedure, a numbing cream is used on the lips to avoid

further discomfort or pain. However, some may feel/not feel any pain at all. It

depends on the individual. You can take a painkiller prior to the procedure but

under medical supervision.

FAQ3 Will I get cold sore?

We strongly suggest that clients undergo a course of any of the following antiviral medications to prevent cold sore outbreak after your tattooing procedure.

· Lysine is a natural essential amino acid, best taken 1 month before the procedure

· Valtrex, which you can obtain a prescription from your doctor, and will attack the virus immediately. Best to take 2 days before and after the procedure.

FAQ4 Does it make my lip bigger?

Lip fillers can make your lip look fuller and look amazing. Cosmetic lip tattooing will implement natural colour of your lip. we always recommend to clients to first try tattooing, being that it looks extremely natural, then if need be, use filler/ Botox to finish the desired look.